A Surf Video?
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
Check out my new surf/wave video on youtube -
I shot the footage last autumn 2016, then edited a bunch of snippets together, and today I created a soundtrack to go with it, using a Roland MC303 Drum/Synth sequencer.
Like/Comment/Subscribe to my youtube page for future uploads, which will hopefully become better the more I do!
Link to YouTube Video here
Image prints for sale
14th December 2016 - 0 comments
After the success of the black and white long exposure seascapes on the photography sites, I have decided to sell them as prints, via a highly regarded digital/film print company in London, called Metro Imaging.
These images are not yet viewable on this website, but if this link generates sales, I will integrate a 'prints for sale' section to this website.
Below is a link that takes you to the 9 images, that are available in 4 sizes: A4, A3, A2, and A1. They are also printed on the very best 'true black and white' resin photo paper.
If sales of these prints are popular, I will add more images to choose from, using the most viewed images on my website, which I check regularly.

Bigwood at Metroprint
Asian Lime Seared Tuna and Tomato Salad and Coriander
04th June 2016 - 0 comments
I've just uploaded a new image to the 'From the Menu' gallery, which is a recipe I created using a mix of cerviche styled citrus marinade, followed by a brif spell in a very hot dry frying pan. The lime flavouring of the tuna added so much sweetness to the tomato salad.
Here's a link to the Gallery:
Asian Lime Seared Tuna and Tomato Salad and Coriander

All kinds of Chocolate
13th May 2016 - 0 comments
Spent the last week learning about and experimenting with chocolate tempering, and what it allows you to create with chocolate. Trying to photograph it is also a challenge!
All kinds of Chocolate

More Images To Make You Hungry!
02nd May 2016 - 0 comments
I've just added 4 more images to the 'From The Menu' gallery, and also 4 to the main food page, one of which should make your mouth water!
Food Gallery

From The Menu
23rd April 2016 - 0 comments

Check out these mouth-watering dishes I've cooked, styled and photographed for my food portfolio - Fillet Of Beef, Sea Bass, Boiled Egg and Asparagus on Toast, and Tarragon Shallot Grape and Parmesan Salad - and that's just the beginning!
Images From The Menu
Imagine a Hotel made of Chocolate!
10th April 2016 - 0 comments
Last weekend I was looking at images of chocolates on google images, and noticed how many didn't show the filling, which to me is what I want to see! That's what makes my mouth water!
So I decided to do some experimenting, and whilst I know it's not always the case with food photography, I left my chocolates untreated - no glossing agents, or anything else for that matter, mainly because I wanted to eat them afterwards.
I should add, I did share them with some family and friends.
These chocolates are made by Hotel Chocolat, and they taste amazing, with some great flavours to boot.
Anyway, here's the gallery:
Hotel Chocolat

From The Bakery
02nd April 2016 - 0 comments
For a totally scrumptious assortment of goods from the Bakery,
check out the link below:
La Boulanger Gallery

Sushi in the setting sun!
01st April 2016 - 0 comments
Last night I got to photograph these beautiful sushi rolls, using the setting sun to create a beautiful golden light around them.
Added to that, I got to eat them all afterwards!
See the gallery link below:
Sushi Gallery

Coffee, coffee, coffee!
14th February 2016 - 0 comments
Four more images added to the food and drink portfolio, and this time it's coffee.
Click to the images here!

Something to drink?
30th January 2016 - 0 comments
After sometime having an empty 'Drink' Gallery, there are now some images to see!
Using a variety of settings, I photographed these different bottles to create some examples of lighting that might appeal for commercial purposes.

Link to Drink Gallery

New Website!
29th November 2015 - 0 comments
All architecture, interior design, real estate, and commercial property photography can be found at
Duke Of Kent Building - images now up!
19th October 2015 - 0 comments
Just over a week ago, I made a spontaneous visit to the Surrey University.
The sky was looking fantastic which made a great backdrop for this wonderful piece of architecture.
Link to images below:
Duke of Kent images
The Blue Groove Cafe Bar
18th October 2015 - 0 comments
Images taken at The Blue Groove cafe bar.
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Le Bistro Du Coin
18th October 2015 - 0 comments
Images taken at Le Bistro Du Coin
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Architecture and Interiors: New Images Added
18th June 2015 - 0 comments
New Images up in the Architecture and Interiors Portfolio.
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Portrait Location Shooting in and around Guildford
03rd June 2015 - 0 comments
Great ideas on where to shoot portraits in and around Guildford
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New Designs up at Classic American Automotive
25th April 2015 - 0 comments
New t-shirt designs up - check 'em out!
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Mobile Friendly!
18th April 2015 - 0 comments
Mobile Phone compatible - at last!
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New for 2015 from Classic American Automotive
05th February 2015 - 0 comments
Design Inspiration for 2015 - Cars Sell Style!
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