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All kinds of Chocolate portfolio Everything and anything involving chocolate!
Unless otherwise stated, all the chocolate creations in this portfolio are created and photographed by myself. I've played with ganach/truffle flavouring a few years ago, and love the challenge that comes with chocolate cuisine.

All images available for licensing - contact me for details.
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From The Menu portfolio After being asked at several restaurants if I also shoot food as well as interiors, I realised I needed a food portfolio. As you might have noticed, I've added other food stuff(sushi, bakery and chocolates) recently, but I still felt like I needed some images of 'plated' food from a menu.
It helps that I enjoy cooking, so I looked at a cook book with some good looking images inside, and set about making the food!
I then had to be a bit careful about plating up the food and styling the shot, so it would look good in a photo, and then capture it with the right lighting before it wilted or started to look unappetizing. I don't like the idea of adding solvents etc to food that make them inedible for the sake of the shot, unless it's totally necessary, mainly because I want to eat it!
After that, and only after I had the right shots, I got to eat it!
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Hotel Chocolat portfolio
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La Boulanger portfolio
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Sushi portfolio Love it or hate it, sushi is very popular - the shape, the textures and the colours, all add up to great images, and then I love the taste and flavours too!