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Asian Lime Seared Tuna and Tomato Salad and Coriander
04th June 2016
I've just uploaded a new image to the 'From the Menu' gallery, which is a recipe I created using a mix of cerviche styled citrus marinade, followed by a brif spell in a very hot dry frying pan. The lime flavouring of the tuna added so much sweetness to the tomato salad.
Here's a link to the Gallery:
Asian Lime Seared Tuna and Tomato Salad and Coriander

All kinds of Chocolate
13th May 2016
Spent the last week learning about and experimenting with chocolate tempering, and what it allows you to create with chocolate. Trying to photograph it is also a challenge!
All kinds of Chocolate

More Images To Make You Hungry!
02nd May 2016
I've just added 4 more images to the 'From The Menu' gallery, and also 4 to the main food page, one of which should make your mouth water!
Food Gallery

From The Menu
23rd April 2016

Check out these mouth-watering dishes I've cooked, styled and photographed for my food portfolio - Fillet Of Beef, Sea Bass, Boiled Egg and Asparagus on Toast, and Tarragon Shallot Grape and Parmesan Salad - and that's just the beginning!
Images From The Menu
Imagine a Hotel made of Chocolate!
10th April 2016
Last weekend I was looking at images of chocolates on google images, and noticed how many didn't show the filling, which to me is what I want to see! That's what makes my mouth water!
So I decided to do some experimenting, and whilst I know it's not always the case with food photography, I left my chocolates untreated - no glossing agents, or anything else for that matter, mainly because I wanted to eat them afterwards.
I should add, I did share them with some family and friends.
These chocolates are made by Hotel Chocolat, and they taste amazing, with some great flavours to boot.
Anyway, here's the gallery:
Hotel Chocolat

From The Bakery
02nd April 2016
For a totally scrumptious assortment of goods from the Bakery,
check out the link below:
La Boulanger Gallery

Sushi in the setting sun!
01st April 2016
Last night I got to photograph these beautiful sushi rolls, using the setting sun to create a beautiful golden light around them.
Added to that, I got to eat them all afterwards!
See the gallery link below:
Sushi Gallery

Interior Design: Looking For Something Exact
15th March 2016
Whether you're an professional Interior Designer, or a house/flat owner, and you're having problems sourcing something quite exacting, to fit in with your room design, well this might be of some help!
FinditBee is a trusted marketplace for Interior Designers to effortlessly source eclectic, hard to find products and services from suppliers and agents around the world – online or via mobile.
Check out the web page here:


or check out the Houzz page here:

FinditBee at Houzz
Coffee, coffee, coffee!
14th February 2016
Four more images added to the food and drink portfolio, and this time it's coffee.
Click to the images here!

Something to drink?
30th January 2016
After sometime having an empty 'Drink' Gallery, there are now some images to see!
Using a variety of settings, I photographed these different bottles to create some examples of lighting that might appeal for commercial purposes.

Link to Drink Gallery

New Website!
29th November 2015
All architecture, interior design, real estate, and commercial property photography can be found at http://www.andrewbigwood.co.uk/
Looking for contemporary interior design ideas?
04th November 2015
This is a great way to add a contemporary colour accent to your interior design!
With greys and neutrals dominating the interior colour palette, AND some big bold colours being introduced, this is an excellent way to add some colour to your interior that matches your soft furnishing accents. Off the peg designs are shown in the linked gallery, OR get in touch with you specific colour requirements, and I will create a bespoke design for you. Bespoke prices on application.

Click here for the gallery

New pricing structure for Wall Murals
04th November 2015
After much deliberation, I am now supplying full resolution digital image files, to use for photo wall murals and digital art wall murals.

These image files are supplied with a usage license for a single application, although multi usage, and exclusive usage licensing can be negotiated..

Wall Mural Pricing
Duke Of Kent Building - images now up!
19th October 2015
Just over a week ago, I made a spontaneous visit to the Surrey University.
The sky was looking fantastic which made a great backdrop for this wonderful piece of architecture.
Link to images below:
Duke of Kent images
Le Bistro Du Coin
18th October 2015
Images taken at Le Bistro Du Coin
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